Lob Class Reference

#include <Lob.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void setFilename (string f)
void setSqlLocator (string sl)
int InitLob (string pField, string pTable, string pWhere)

Protected Attributes

string filename
string sqlLocator

Detailed Description



Base Lob Class

Author: Ralf Duenkelmann

Date : 01.06.2004

Member Function Documentation

void Lob::setFilename ( string  f  ) 

setFilename set the filename for Lob (Up- and Download)

f filename

void Lob::setSqlLocator ( string  sl  ) 

setSqlLocator set the SQL to access the lob in the database

if inserting the lob attribute must be initialized before (use IniotLob or empty_clob() via direct SQL )

for inserting a LOB sqlLocator MUST be an select string Dont forget the locking via "for update" - clause!!

sl The SQL statement

int Lob::InitLob ( string  pField,
string  pTable,
string  pWhere 

InitLob Initialize an empty Lob

pField The tables attribut where the lob is
pTable table name
pWhere where clause

Member Data Documentation

string Lob::filename [protected]

string Lob::sqlLocator [protected]

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