LobShooter for Oracle (oraload)



LobShooter for Oracle (oraload) is a utility to easily up- and download Lob-Files to and from an Oracle database. You are able to directly load binary (blob) and char data with it. oraload comes with a library (libloadutil) and the main program. For the moment oraload is a command line utility, that takes parameters like this

oraload [-v] user pass db DC|UC|DB|UB SqlString filename[,file2,...] [options]

, where



Download from



You need a working Oracle-Install, i.e

You need cmake for the build process. Try "apt-cache search cmake" and then install from your Debian-Repositories or get it from cmake.org

Set your Oracle Home Environment variable

The build-process:

On runtime, set your library path like this:


Example with EasyConnect (e.g. if you have InstantClient and no TNSNAMES.ora)

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