Conn Class Reference

#include <Connection.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Conn:

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Public Member Functions

 Conn ()
 Conn (string pConnectorType)
 ~Conn ()
void setConnectorType (string c)
string getConnectorType (void)
void setUsername (string u)
void setPassword (string p)
void setUrl (string u)
int connect (void)

Protected Attributes

string ConnectorType
string username
string password
string url
Connection * conn

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Conn::Conn (  ) 

Conn::Conn ( string  pConnectorType  ) 

Conn::~Conn (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Conn::setConnectorType ( string  c  ) 

string Conn::getConnectorType ( void   ) 

void Conn::setUsername ( string  u  ) 

void Conn::setPassword ( string  p  ) 

void Conn::setUrl ( string  u  ) 

int Conn::connect ( void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

string Conn::ConnectorType [protected]

string Conn::username [protected]

string Conn::password [protected]

string Conn::url [protected]

Connection* Conn::conn [protected]

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